A 15x20cm sign, with a front sheet with the word "DAD" cut out of it, and a back sheet made from white fronted MDF so sublimate on so that the sublimated images etc show through the wording as a lovely display.

This item will require gluing together once complete. Also please note that when you are selecting the colour for this item, you are selecting the colour of the front sheet only. The back sheet will always be made from white fronted MDF.

This item is cut from either a 3mm acrylic or 4mm wood veneer front plate, and a 3mm thick white fronted MDF back plate. The budget back plate will be spray painted white on one side so that it is suitable for sublimation, and plain on the reverse.

*****Please note that any personalisation shown on the above images is for display/demonstration only. The item you will receive will be in the colour(s) chosen above.*****

PLEASE NOTE - THIS ITEM IS NOT SUITABLE FOR OUTSIDE USE WITHOUT A SEALANT. We will not be able to accept returns on wood/MDF items that have been used outside.

This item is suitable for sublimation on the white side only. Immediately after this item has been sublimated in a similar way to acrylic this item will need to be placed under something heavy to ensure it stays flat whilst cooling. If you need further support for sublimation, please join our Facebook group (Smart Crafts Supplies Ltd) where there are a number of our customers who have sublimated with these items and may be able to give advice.

If this item arrives and is not as completely flat as you would like it, please place in a warm area under something heavy and it will flatten out in a short time

These items may have tiny laser marks on either the front or the MDF backing. These are unavoidable and we will where we can remove them before dispatch. However, should you receive an item which does have these very minor marks a simple wet wipe/wet cloth will wipe them off of the front, and some fine sandpaper/nail file will remove them from the back.

Please note, due to the extremely low price of these items, we are unable to make ANY changes of any kind to this item. This includes adding/removing holes, changing design/shape etc. If you still choose to add comments in customer comments asking for changes these will not be actioned and you will be sent the item in it''s original form.

Please Note - All Sizes are Approximate

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Fathers Day 2-Layer Dad Sublimation Sign

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